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Japanese investment information

For managers, investors. These are investment item information such as a business transfer, a stock transfer. Please refer if you have the item which you are interested in.


・Diving shop : Osaka Nagoya Tokyo : 300 million yen

・Eyelash salon : Nagoya : 12 million yen

・Nail salon : Tokyo Ginza: 1.5 million yen

・Nail salon : Aichi: 2.5 million yen

・Nail salon : Tokyo: 5 million yen

・Eyelash salon and Nail salon:Shibuya Tokyo: 5.5 million yen

・Eyelash salon and Nail salon:Chiba Kashiwa: 7 million yen

・Beauty sharing salon:Nagoya:3 million yen

・Nail salons : Osaka: 1.5 million yen, 1.8 million yen

・Entertainment production:50 million yen

・Hair salon : Tokyo :  12 million yen and 4 million yen

・Nail salon & eyelash salon : Tokyo : 20 million yen

・Nail salons : Tokyo : 12 million yen – 22 million yen

・Hair salon : Kobe city :  10 million yen

・Relaxation salon : Chiba city : price consultation

・Nail salons : Shizuoka city : 20 million yen

・Esthetic Salon and hair removal salon : Tokyo : 6 million yen

・ Nail salons & eyelash salons : Osaka etc. about 10 salons : 100 million yen

・ Nail & eyelash salon : Tokyo, Osaka : 3 million yen – 10 million yen

・ Healthy salon: Warm temperature, Sue board, nail salon : Price consultation

・ Relaxation salon : Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka : 1 million yen – 12 million yen

・Manufacture and sale of cosmetics : Tokyo : 25 million yen

・ After-school etc. Day service Multiple stores such as Kanagawa Prefecture · Tokyo Metropolitan area  : 7 million yen – 3,200 million yen

・ English conversation system : 3 million yen

・ Picture for the investment : 1,500 million yen



■Business by the Japanese manager except Japan

・Eyelash salon in New York :  80,000 dollars

・Marriage agency in Honolulu Hawaii:15 million yen

・Beauty salon in Hawaii : 250,000 dollars

・Japanese Restaurant in Philippines Manila:45 million yen

・Cafe Restaurant  in Waikiki Honolulu Hawaii: 20 million yen

・Lomi Lomi Massage Salon in Honolulu Hawaii:15 million yen

・Spa & Beauty Salon in Philippines Cebu island : 8.5 million yen

・Massage Salon in Honolulu Hawaii:99,000 dollars

・Jewelry shop  in Honolulu Hawaii:500,000 dollars

・Eyelash Salon / Beauty Salon in Honolulu Hawaii:220,000 dollars

・Guided tour Business in Hawaii : 570,000 dollars

・Condominium Rent Business in Hawaii : 900,000 dollars

・Hamburger cafe in Hawaii : 175,000 dollars

・Cafe : Honolulu in Hawaii : 285,000 dollars

・Bakery Cafe in Hawaii : 750,000 dollars

・Surf shop in Hawaii : 280,000 dollars

・Hair salon and beauty salon in Los Angeles : 70,000 dollars

・Cafe Restaurant in Hawaii : 30 million yen

Funeral service company in Hawaii : 1 million dollars

Cruise business in Hawaii : 700,000  dollars

Japanese restaurant in Hawaii : 360,000 dollars

・Cafe Restaurant in Hawaii : 180,000 dollars

・Karaoke bar / Night club in Hawaii : 400,000 dollars

・Dolphin Tour Operation Company in Hawaii : 2 billion yen

・Spa business in Malaysia : 80,000 dollars

・Japanese restaurant in Indonesia Jakarta : 100 million yen

・Japanese restaurant in Indonesia Bali Island : 45 million yen

・Cafe restaurant in Indonesia Bali Island : 25 million yen



attention:The prices of sale that we showed are approximate amount of money.

Please refer to us for these details. The items which sale was already decided on may be included in these.




We introduce the companies and the shops. We mediate the needs of “the person who wants to sell” between “the person who wants to buy”.



Medium and small-sized business, factory

Property company, Investment company, Information Technology enterprise

Nail salon, Eyelash salon, Hair salon, Esthetic Salon

Beauty salon, Relaxation salon, Massage salon

Dental clinic, Clinic, hospital

Cafe bar, Cafe, Bar, Restaurant, Shop

Laundry, Bookstore, Drugstore, Sports gym

English conversation school, Cram school, Nursery school


・ You who wants to sell the shop and the company, please contact us.

・ As for you who wants to purchase the shop and the company, please tell us the contents.

・ We mediate the buyer between the seller.

・ We are agents of the mergers and acquisitions business. We mediate a merger, the acquisition, a transfer, buying and selling, sale, the purchase of the company.

・ You do not have to pay an expense until making a promise of the buying and selling.