We support companies to succeed starting a business in Japan. Our company is useful for the minor enterprise and the small-and-medium sized enterprise and the small company. Our company’s representative is a legal adviser who has a Japanese national qualification. Our office or our affiliated law firm will support you for the following matters.


■Making contracts in Japanese

We would like to help you make your Japanese contract at a low price quickly before your appointed date.

■English Translation

We can translate your English contract into Japanese and vice versa. We would like to assist you in drawing up your English contract regarding trade.

■Translation and Interpreting

We dispatch interpreters. And we translate contracts and documents.

■Create Website and Find Staffs

We help to product the Japanese website and to find the employees.

■Negotiate Subsidy

We negotiate to get the subsidy from the government office of Japan.

■Marketing and Sales

We help with preparations to go into Japan.
We apply the marketing researches of products and services.
We sell products and services on behalf of you.
We advise about the Japanese laws and regulations.
We conduct investigations into competitors to similar products and services.
We advise about searching for base.
We act for the application of the visa.
We advise about immigration procedures in Japan.

■Company Establishment

We help the establishment of the company.
We help with the corporation registration.
We help with registering a branch office in Japan.
We help with the establishment of the bank account.
We help with the acquisition of the license.

■Search for Office

We help to open a Japan office.
We help with search for office, factory, and store.
We find a suitable office or recommend an estate agent.
We help with search for house.
We help with search for rental office and virtual office.

About a virtual office
A virtual office provides you with a company address, telephone/fax, and internet service for your Japanese business. This is a good solution if you don’t expect many customers visiting your Japan office and staffs are working from home.This setting has become more popular recently.

About rental office or office in a business center
You can rent a small office for your Japanese company in a business center.Business centers typically offer facilities like meeting rooms, …. etc. Offices are normally furnished, so you don’t worry about buying furniture.

■After Support

We advise many various things after having established a company.
We dispatch interpreters.
We translate contracts and documents.
We help with the production of the Japanese website.
We help with the arrangement of the employees.
We help with arrangements of the business card and equipments.
We advise about PR & marketing activities.
We introduce a licensed tax accountant.
We advise the public information.

■Medical Interpreter Dispatch

We introduce medical interpreters to go to hospitals and doctors with the foreigners who are unable to speak Japanese adequately. We provide them with English/Japanese interpretation service solely. The area where interpreters can be sent is Tokyo, Osaka and its environs. We have both medical interpreters who are volunteers and paid staff.